Welcome! This website is intended to help undergraduates in computing fields find summer research opportunities and resources for applying to graduate school.


What is CS Research?

urge-whatisIf you think that CS research is all about banging away on a keyboard in a solitary windowless cubicle, think again!

Finding Research Opportunities


Discover the various research opportunities that are available for undergraduates.

Undergraduate Research Awards


There are several computing research awards available to undergraduates who have done exceptionally good research.

Graduate School

Why go to Graduate School?


Graduate school in CS provides you with an opportunity to study CS broadly and deeply and to engage in research.

The Application Process


Applying to graduate school takes a bit of time, but it's not as hard or scary as you might think.

FAQs About Graduate School

FAQsIn this FAQ section, we compiled answers to questions asked by students who are applying to graduate school.