Videos on Young Researchers in Computing

The Computing Research Association (CRA) and its education committee (CRA-E) have created five short videos entitled “Choosing a PhD in Computer Science.” These videos were designed in conjunction with award-winning producer Patrick Sammon (co-producer of “Codebreaker”) to explain the benefits of pursuing a PhD in CS. The videos showcase young researchers with PhDs who are now working in industry as they talk about what compelled them to pursue a doctorate and how they are using their advanced training in their work. While many undergraduates understand that a PhD is needed for a position in academia, these videos demonstrate how a PhD can be useful in industry as well.

We’d like to thank the featured researchers for taking the time to participate and their employers (Google, PARC, MetaMind, and Cytobank) for their enthusiastic support for this project.

IEEE Computer Society Videos on Senior Researchers in Computing

The IEEE Computer Society has produced four short videos featuring senior researchers in the computing field.  We thank Prof. Jean-Luc Gaudiot, IEEE Computing Society President, and Mr. Stephen Woods at IEEE Computing Society for their work on these videos.

  • Diomidis Spinellis (Professor at Athens University) talks about his work in software engineering.
  • San Murugesan (Western Sydney University) talks about his work in the Internet of Things.
  • Ming Lin (University of North Carolina) talks about her work on computer graphics and animation.
  • Lynette Jones (Professor at MIT) talks about her work in haptics.

CRA-W Undergraduate Town Hall Series

CRA-W has an archive of videos from its “Undergraduate Town Hall Series” that feature mentoring talks about a number of areas of computer science research.